About Us

Human Performance Optimization

Our experienced HP team provides full-spectrum holistic HPO services to government and private sector organizations.

The Peak Performance is the Human Performance Optimization (HPO) division of The Peak, Inc.

Our talented HPO team provides fully customizable and scalable consulting services that focus on solutions designed to enhance the performance of your most valuable asset…your People. We incorporate industry best-practices and draw on years of relevant experience to provide your organization with the tools and resources needed to achieve the results you desire.

Human Performance Programs

Our services include customizable HPO solutions, education and training seminars and workshops covering the topics of mindset, goal setting, resilience, habit formation, sleep, nutrition, performance, injury prevention, rehabilitation and reconditioning.

Virtual HPO Training Courses

We also provide an application and web-based performance programming delivery platform with metrics collection and reporting capabilities via our industry teaming and partnering approach to meet the needs of our customers.

Human Performance
Optimization Team

Our core HPO team has been together for over seven years providing effective and highly sought solutions to our military customers.

We specialize in performance programming, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, reconditioning, mindset, goal setting, resiliency, lifestyle modification and nutrition training, and education.

Our HPO solutions are an invaluable resource for any organization looking to improve the performance of their team.